Detox Your Body in Few Secret Steps

Detox Your Body in Few Secret Steps |

Before we flow to before-hand, let’s check what happens to your meals after it leaves your hand and enters to your frame. You duly understand that first it is going to your belly in which it is far damaged down, after which it goes to your intestines and subsequently and ultimately it is excreted with- in the form of waste.

But have you observed that each meal takes the identical amount of time to complete this whole cycle? Of course, fruits take only about 3 hours to digest & eliminate – 1 hour in stomach, 1 in the small digestive(intestine) system, and 1 in the large intestine. Vegetables take a little longer, about 6 hours.

What about grains? (How to detox our body by using Grains?)

It basically includes wheat, rice and lentils, and beans. Any idea? They take 18 hours to digest & eliminate. Now of course these figures are just estimates to give you an idea.

Basically, less water intake makes the substance harder for your body to digest it. Now, grains take 18 hours to pass through your digestive system and most of us are eating them 3 or even 4 times in a day.

Meaning thereby, even before the last meal was processed we toss in more food and naturally the last meal is left undigested. It does not exit our body through stool. It rots, ferments and decays inside. It leads to growing of mold viruses and fungus inside our intestines.

Have you heard those creepy stories of tapeworms being found in people’s intestines?

Of course, those people didn’t eat tapeworms, so how did they get there? Through the decaying of undigested food sitting in the colon. You might have heard the saying, you are what you eat.

True, but more importantly, you are what you ate. That pizza you ate a year ago may in any case be sitting inside. Stuff like bread, cheddar, all these namkeens, snacks rolls, tea, espresso, fast food, sugar.

And generally all that doesn’t directly come from Mother Nature is extremely difficult to digest and eliminate. It sticks to the walls of our intestines and forms a thick coating.

This is the means by which our digestive system (intestine) looks from the inner side, the walls of our digestion tracts (intestines) have millions of tiny finger-like projections called villi.

Whatever food comes in contact with the intestinal wall these villi ingest it and carry it to the blood circulatory system and from that point, it is delivered to every single cell of the body.

Now imagine, if there’s decaying dead waste sticking to the intestines that’s the thing that the villi absorb and transport to every cell naturally. This waste surrounds our organs, blocks their functioning and we call it disease.

It sticks in the layers of our skin we call acne, eczema, psoriasis. If it forms that it shapes a stone in the kidney or gallbladder, we call it a stone.

What about excess weight? “You got to loose the waste”

In the event of the waste making the blood weighty leads to the heart siphon it with more weight, we call it High Blood Pressure. One of the chance is that it aggregates in the ovaries which can surely lead to issues.

Like Polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOD and feminine issues; if it adheres to our digestive organs, we call it stoppage and clogging, everything being equal.

One of the other chance is also that this waste stalls out in the aviation route, making it hard to inhale, we call it asthma. If it structures plaque inside the conduit dividers, we call it cholesterol.

Today, this waste may have manifested as a small issue however in the event that we don’t tidy it up tomorrow this equivalent waste will take a much more damaging stage like a tumour or a cancer cell.

By taking out this waste and these toxins, disease is automatically cured. No sickness can survive in a body which is cleansed internally.

This human body is Mother Nature’s valuable blessing to us. Soon we will return it back to her. In the meantime, it’s our duty to keep it clean bustling with energy and health – the way she has planned it to be.

Assume a car which runs on petrol, if you put diesel in the car which was meant for petrol, obviously it will not work. To make it work you first need to remove the diesel and afterward put in the petroleum.

Same with us – our body was meant for this but we accidentally fed it with other. No wonder, if it’s not properly working.

So, stage 1 is to take out the terrible stuff – the waste and stage 2 is to take in the great stuff – the correct food.

[In this blog we cover Stage 1 and in the next blog, we cover Stage 2. Stay tuned.]


Now please don’t get intimidated by this. I promise you it’s not hard. Seeing the healing power that will eliminate poisons, fix sickness and cause you to lose weight is sitting inside every one of your body, not in a pill, a vaccine, or medication.

The specialist that cures you is inside your body and that will be finished by discontinuous fasting, you let this healing power do its work.

Furthermore, there’s confirmation for this when you break a bone, a plaster is set on your arm to keep it in place and to give it rest. In a couple of days, the bone consequently joins itself.

It’s not like there’s some medication in the plaster. So what is it that joins that broken bone? It’s your healing power. This healing power is an enormous magnificent power. If it can join a broken bone, can it not break stones, knots, sores in your body? Can it not remove those toxins?

Will it does not fix diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, or joint inflammation? OF COURSE IT CAN on the grounds that the healing power doesn’t have the foggiest idea what your disease is called.

These terms are given by specialist’s doctors, when the healing power begins fixing, it fixes everything. No matter where it’s found, No matter how long it’s been there.

Now let’s understand how our healing power works. The healing power can only do one thing at a time. Either digestion or healing. We never let our recuperating power accomplish its work. We continually interfere. We are continuously redirecting and upsetting it.


When we eat something, this recuperating power leaves whatever it was doing before and starts digesting and eliminating our food. Unfortunately, we’re constantly eating. We have two slices of toast for breakfast. Before it gets digested, we put in a bowl of rice for lunch.

Before rice gets digested, we put in 2 chapatis for dinner. So the stomach is continually working 24 hours per day 7 days a week, never getting a break. In the event that you need this healing power to do its work, you must from time to time give digestion a break.

We propose that you offer a 16-hour break to your stomach each night. For example, on the off chance that you have dinner at 8 pm, eat nothing till 12 early afternoons the next day. At 12 early afternoon, you have your first strong meal of food.

What you’re basically doing is that you’re fasting for 16-hours consistently and eating in an 8-hour window. It’s called intermittent fasting or 16 hour fasting. Before 12 noon, you can take effectively absorbable liquids, for example, the water of coconut or green vegetable juices, but strictly no natural fruit juice, tea, espresso or milk.

This is actually much easier than you might suspect on the grounds that more often than not you’re not eating, you’re sleeping. Fasting might seem abnormal to you at first, but actually this is how Mother Nature has designed our bodies.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t have grocery stores, fridges, or food available year-round. Sometimes they couldn’t discover anything to eat, and their bodies evolved which was enable too fast.

Fasting from time to time is more “natural” than constantly eating 4 times a day. What hours you want to fast – that’s totally up to you. Some people think that it’s difficult to not eat food until 12 pm, but find it easy to eat their last meal at 6pm.

In this case, you could fast every day from 6pm to 10am of the next morning. If you are a working person and have dinner at 9 pm at night then fast till at least 1pm of the next day.

Through 16-hour daily diets, your body gets an opportunity to do a healing every day. If 16 is too much in the beginning, start with 14 and stretch. That’s okay. You might be already doing 12 hours of fasting. This is not difficult.

Let’s say you have dinner at 8pm and your first solid meal at 12pm next morning. Your dinner, if healthy, would probably get digested in 6 hours. So from 8pm till 2am – your assimilation hours are going on. As soon the healing power has done the process of digesting, it starts healing!

So the following 10 hours will be your healing hours. This is when it rebuild tissue, fades away old scars, replaces old, damaged or dead cells in your skin. It dissolves stones in your kidney and gallbladder. Removes extra fat from the cells.

Hormones, Break cysts, fibroids gets regularized and it also clean your digestive organs (intestines). Removes the bodily fluid hindering your airways and clears the plaque in your arteries.

Your healing power goes into the profundities of each organ and pulls out the toxins lying there, and pushes them out of your body through stool, urine, sweat or breath.

Now it is also very important that your dinner is a light meal. We suggest having a salad or soup. On the off chance that you eat a heavy meal full of grains like roti, rice or on the other hand lentils.

It would take more processing-digestion hours, leaving you with no, or very little healing hours. Here’s the diet we recommend: In the morning – have juices such as coconut water or the best – ash gourd juice.

If they are not available – have juice of any seasonal vegetable. 2 hours later, have breakfast, in which you have a major platter of new occasional seasonal organic fruit.

For lunch, have grains – sabzi -chapati or brown rice or quinoa. Just like how we have shown you in our other Blogs. It’s important to eat grains the least and vegetables as much as possible. For dinner, have a salad or soup.

If you feel hungry in between, have fresh coconut water or grated coconut. To make this lifestyle easier, also don’t overeat. An overdose of a good thing is also not that good.

Don’t think that “If I’m eating all healthy, I can eat as much as I want”. Always leave a little space in your stomach before you get up from the dinner table. The speed of how quick you recover from a disease is proportionate to how many healing hours you give to your body.

If you’re fasting 16 hours every night, in one week, you have given 112 healing hours. In one month, approximately 450 hours. In 3 months, about 1500 hours. And in 1500 Hours all chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, PCOD, etc.

can be cured from the root. If you’re young or if your problem is not that old, it would probably take you much less time than that. Just make sure you also follow the diet that I have given you.

Recently, they made a documentary on fasting. Let me show you a little glimpse. What we are doing here is reversing all of Type II diabetes. And all its downstream complications through fasting.

It’s very different from the scenario when someone simply cuts calories. Fasting is six times better at getting rid of the dangerous fat. Probably the number one thing that I noticed is weight control.

When I went and did for seven days, I lost 20 pounds and then lost 40 pounds in total, I never got it back. I have lost close to 100 pounds and am still counting.

You can actually work out harder than you’ve ever done. I have always worked out on an unfilled stomach in the fastest state. I was taking 210 units of insulin daily and I haven’t had Insulin since. Fasting saved my life. It’s like medicine.

I was on medication for high blood pressure as well as for cholesterol and two weeks later she came in and her BP was normal. And I’m no longer taking a statin drug. Fasting cycles are as powerful as chemotherapy. Continue to see that Lump diminishing until now – it’s gone.

No cancer. For 21 years I have been cancer free. I mean every religion tells us to fast whether it’s through rozas or ekadashi or good Friday. I have read rich, timeless sciences of India like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga.

And they all agree to this one basic principle. When you don’t have to think about food till noon, you’re so much more gainful. You complete more things in the day since you don’t keep thinking about food.

Okay, let’s move on.

Read this Blog till the end because there are 2 further more powerful things. I gained from my Master that can truly launch your internal cleansing. Kindly share this Blog with every one of your loved ones.

So this precious knowledge about Mother Nature reaches home to home and everyone is able get cured without medicines.

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If you think you’re not clogged up on the inside because you go to the bathroom every day, it doesn’t mean you’re not clogged. Let’s say you’re 30 years old. Have you ever seen the plumbing pipes of a 30 year old house?

Sure, water & sewage is running through them but after 30 years there’s so much waste accumulated in that pipe that it’s difficult for anything to get through. Same is with us.

And every day, more and more of this waste is getting stuck inside you when you eat unnatural food. You need something that outright dissolves this hard crusty stuff just like the black hard stuff that sticks to the bottom of your pots and pans.

How do you get rid of it?

You soak it in water. Water is a universal solvent and dissolves almost anything provided given enough time. Ok so how do you get water in your intestines? Through an enema. Get one that looks something like this.

Some chemists carry these things but it’s easier to find them online – it’s cheap. Wash it two or multiple times and afterward get around 200-300 ml of clean water and pour it in your enema pot. The best place to do this is a bathroom.

Lubricate the tip with something natural like coconut anticlockwise or olive oil. Place it on something like a rack – it should be higher than your butt. There are many ways to do it.

Kneel down on the floor. Stick the pipe into your rectum minimum of 2 inches. Hold the tip with a single hand so it doesn’t drop out. Let the water empty inside your intestines. Then, pull out the pipe, and hold the water inside for about 10 minutes.

Walk while massaging your stomach clockwise, and then. The encrusted filth will start leaving its place. When you feel the pressure go the bathroom, you will be so surprised to see how full of waste your intestines were.

This is completely safe & natural. What’s unnatural is that we go from our home to our office by car with all that waste in our system. When I was first introduced to it, I said to my master, “I will do everything you are suggesting, but not enema.

I was so scared. But trust me, after doing it once, it became so normal. So in routine. We never say, “Yuck I don’t want to brush my teeth because they’re dirty”, then why say the same about your intestines?

The best is to take enema on an empty stomach after going to the bathroom in the morning. If morning is not possible, you can take it any time of the day just make sure to maintain a gap of 2-3 hours between your meals and enema.

If you are just starting to follow this lifestyle take enema once daily for 3 weeks.

After the Following 3 weeks, take it just once per week or at whatever point required. Don’t worry, you will not get reliant on it for movements. If you have cold, cough, fever, stomach ache or feel ill, do it even more frequently about 2-3 times a day.


In some cases, the waste, or the poisons, become stale in our blood. One of the most ideal approaches to cause them to circle is through a cold wet pack. Take a white cotton fabric around 1 by 2.5 meters. Overlap it into a long strip around 9 to 10 inches broad.

Soak it in chill water (as chill as possible effectively bears) and wring it out. Fold it over the stomach and wrap it up so it doesn’t fall off. Your navel should lie between the pieces of cloth. Take another cotton strip, a lot more modest, this time plunge it in chilly water, and fold it over your neck.

Take another cold strip and wrap around your forehead. You can buy cotton cloth and get it tailored to make this process easy for you. Subsequent to applying the wet pack, you can wear your garments over it and proceed with your work.

You don’t need to sit in one place. Keep it on for around 30 to 40 minutes. You can apply it whenever – even previously or after a meal. Simply don’t eat or drink anything while it is on. In summers, do it two times a day, once in the first part of the day and once in the evening. At any rate once in a day if not twice.

You can skip this in winters. Parts where the wet pack is applied, the body becomes cold and the rest of your body remains warm. At the point when two temperatures are maintained in your body, blood begins flowing.

With blood, even the waste is flowed – it begins leaving its place. Wet packs are amazingly effective in digesting your food and cutting down on tummy fat. Wet pack fixes, for example, Indigestion, Ulcer, IBS, Acidity, No matter what disease you have, apply the wet pack on every one of the parts – the stomach, neck, and head, because they’re all connected.

If there should arise an occurrence of headache pain or headache, apple wet pack quickly for instant relief. It looks common, you may figure; “How might this piece of fabric detox my body?

But actually, a wet pack works like magic. So I trust that at this point you know exactly how to clean the body inside. I suggest you to follow all 3 ways of detoxing together to get the maximum benefit.

Please share this Blog with all your friends and family so they all can give up on their medicines and return back to natural process created by Mother Nature.

In the next Blog. We will discuss about food principles and the diet plan in detail. Goodbye for now, and see you soon.

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