Ayurveda Medicines Are Far Better Then Western Medicine

You must have been tired at the end of the day hearing. So many speeches either right. Now I’m not going to bore you. They want me to write on a new subject called Western medicine which they call modern medicine. We saw E the ancient. Indian system of medicine to know the difference.

Dr.BM Hegde speaks on the idea of how ayurvedic medicines are far better for the human body than western medicines.

You must first know the difference between the human body and how it works and how it can be mended. When it goes wrong science will change if this doesn’t change. It’s not science, anything that doesn’t change is religion. What changes is science and the science is today’s science doesn’t agree with what we all learnt and you still learn in colleges. Like conventional physics chemistry and biology.

But the new physics quantum physics has uprooted the whole thing. And that makes it easier for you to understand the human body now we think in the Western medicine, in Western medical non science we think the human body is made up of different parts. Like you know you have automobile engineers and mechanical engineers with different parts. You make a car first fix the chassis. Then the body, engine and things like that. So that’s not how the human body is made.

If you understand evolutionary biology. You were the one single nucleated cell. When you make only your mother’s womb on the first day. It’s called the zygote. It’s the first nucleated cell. This one cell divides and today you are a colony of 120 trillion such cells. And each one of itself is a human being capable of doing all that.

You do so much so you are not I you are we you’re a colony of so many people. This difference please remember that when say aye and that is that feeling illness starts. When you have that feeling wellness comes in and this is where no human being is independent. 

Remember that however big. You are how much money. You still have to be dependent on others. Because inside your body is a single cell forever. That is human, you have 10 times cells which are germ cells. Without these germ cells you cannot survive at all.

Between the mouth and the anus you are 10 to the power 13 germs and in the mouth you have 3 billion germs. If few germs die you get completely disorganized. And this e starts there so germs are not our enemies germs. In short we are germs for 120 trillion cells.

You have 360 trillion germ cells. And we know we inherit from our parents. Because we say oh you are like your father you’re like your mother etc. The inheritance from genetic inheritance from the parents. It is just 23,000 human cells in a genome. But you have the same genome.

You have two and a half trillion germs genes, metabolic German ohms wire in ohms and all kinds of things and you can imagine the contribution from our parents to you. Is 23,000 divided by two and a half trillion so it hardly matters so it’s not.

The genes that run your body as you think in the olden science in the new biology. It is the environment that runs it that is where it’s very important to know the environment. Is very important for disease or disease correction or treatment. Now in the Western medicine what we do is we have quick fixes supposing you have a disease immediately we give a cubic list.

And we think it cures the problem. No it doesn’t actually it creates another problem. In short I always tell my students there is no pill for every illness. But there is an ill following every pill. Did you get this? It’s called adverse drug reaction. As a matter of fact, audits. Now show in the West that the leading cause of poverty has dipped.

He’s not cancer, a heart attack but adverse drug reactions are called a TIA. Because we know in the westerns of non-science. One drug for one disease under ideal circumstances which is called evidence-based medicine. But unfortunately in a patient we don’t give one drug. Some of the patients if you see it’s a laundry list of drugs.

About 1850 in trucks and there is no science to say what happens. When you combine two drugs but do you know how people are alive? Show that when you give one tablet to a patient and tell him to take it daily. The remembrance or the compliance is only 73% 27% forget. They don’t take it correctly.

Now when you make it two tablets a day. It falls to 42% when you make it more than three tablets a day. It comes down to 22%. Which means 78% of people whom you prescribed this multiple laundry list don’t take those medicines. If they did they wouldn’t be here with every single penny. 

For example, I’ll give you a very small thing every painkiller that you take. What’s called NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can give you a heart attack up to five years from the time you take the medicine.

Up to next five years you can get a heart attack. Somebody says oh he’s fine he’s very healthy why did he get a heart attack. He must have been taking every day no pain killing drugs if you have a headache. If you have a backache you need a proper pillow and this also damages a second knee. One of the commonest causes for renal dialysis today. NSAIDs which damage the kidney.

In short the linear reductionist science of the West’s reductionism. I don’t think I follow you people. I should say what the direction is. We have to look at the human body. As a whole you can’t take a bit and examine. For example, Somebody gets cancer, what do we do? We biopsy the cancer a bit. And then smear it on the glass mate. Why then the cells are all distorted. Then stained into the years in his oxalate.

So you poison the cells and then when they dry up. You put it on the microscope. And look at it now the cells look horrible. Because they’re distorted but you can’t know. What that cell is because a normal cell and a cancer cell work alike. I remember that I will repeat that normal cell. And a cancer cell works alike and I don’t know how anybody can kill a cancer cell.

Without killing the normal cell I will give you an analogy. Supposing a bird comes into your house. A new bird comes into your house to know what the bird is. Where did it come from, where is it going. What is going to happen to the pill. But what we do in the Western science is kill the bird. By upsetting and then putting it in the microscope and studying the cells. And say this word came from so and so that’s exactly what we do in cancer. When we say we have a cancer which we describe as metastatic anaplastic. This, etc doesn’t tell you anything about cancer.

So a great biologist Nobel laureate Albert szent-gyorgyi wrote. I quote, I do not know what cancer is. because a cancer cell works like an exactly normal cell. And I know the distinction between the two and I don’t know how to treat a cancer cell without killing the normal cell. See this is where we are in western reductions medicine. 

There the mother of all medical wisdoms in the world. Probably one of the oldest along with various other systems in the East, Like Chinese, Tibetan and also a Tibetan. Of course it is a part of the Indian system. But also the Egyptian system, Now all these systems started long long ago. When this reductionist science did not come to us from the West. The reductionist science started in 1742 with that little boy 17 year old.

Mathematician Rene Descartes who says coach Ito there you go some. Because, I think I am. If you had understood it a little later and a little wider. He should have said, I am thinking and that’s why I am able to lose what he says. If I run this world this is the problem with us. In reductionist science this world is in the new quantum physics. Worldview it’s much bigger than what you can grasp.

What quantum physicists say's

In short quantum physicists say we can comprehend much more than what can grasp. The usual conventional science is his duty or five senses. And that is not science. Because five senses don’t tell you anything. And what you know in conventional science. Is five percent of this world five percent and ninety five percent you don’t know. But when you come to quantum physics. 

You seem to know the whole lot and Ayurveda is based on quantum physics. Worldview which takes into consideration the whole world. And you know the surroundings. And this is very important to know about anybody’s illness or wellness.

Because unless you know that you will not be able to consider how to treat it. Or I wouldn’t want to use the word treat to manage an illness. So when once the human body is afflicted with a list we have to find out a lot of things. The most important part of the human body is his consciousness. 

Which is called the mind in simple English. And where is a mind never mind no the mind is not in the brain. I just want you to remember that most of us think the mind. Is in the brain. The mind is not in the brain.

Because the brain is such a small thing it can’t hold the brain in mind. A huge mind is called consciousness awareness in the sanskrit it is called Gojira. Gojira Sanskrit is a fantastic language. Which gives you a comprehensive idea of the subject. Go Chara could also mean the path on which the cows walk but go tara is the awareness consciousness. 

And you have your own consciousness which is a part of the universal consciousness. And this consciousness works in short your human body. Is just mind only.

So the mind is not in the brain, the mind is in the body. And now all the physics says matter is energy and energy is matter. He is equal to me and this was known to the Indian with science including Ayurveda for thousands of years. If you know this stanza in operation. 

It says energy that’s energy, you are energy and the body is energy and body does not matter. And he very generator is not listed and the subtlest is level. Then I found out one day it doesn’t matter at all.

And hun spirited your rights, I call this as E is equal to M. As a duality there is no duality between the two. And when you say it is a TV reality. He says, I am a child in front of his Indian sages. Who thousands of years ago called it an equator. And it’s so beautiful.

He says matter is energy, energy is matter in the stands. And he quotes that stanza. But here on the stapleton emits inside and outside of everything jeremy archenemy mature energy moves.

But you all look solid there’s nothing solid. About you it’s only Maya. It’s an illusion, your body is an illusion of your mind. And he says sukshma with atomic name. It’s so subtle that nobody can see an electron. Electronic students, why can’t I see an electron. When you see you can’t see God if you’ve got a BSc or a MSC. Then you say God doesn’t exist. 

Because, I can’t see. But you have not seen an electron. And you describe the electron in several ways and got a Nobel Prize. You accept that right, you can’t see an electron. Because to see anything to see you a few photons must leave you. And hit my retina then only I can see you. I become aware of your existence. 

But if one photon leaves an electron it no longer becomes an electron. So nobody can see an electron. That’s what it says sukshma the atomic name. Do rest them when you don’t know you don’t know sure Annie gives it to that.

When you know it’s inside you that’s about energy. And this energy is you. And this energy is the one that when it is already. We get disease when it is normal and very nicely balanced. You are healthy. Now this is a concept of retirement. Whether doesn’t say there’s a disease. You treat it now and first assess what the rectum preserves. The Wellness of the healthy which is very easy, cheap and more profitable than treating a disease. 

But the Western medicine is after money and for everything. We want money, we want to collect money. And not to make money and make money is our no problem. Western medical Hippocrates was the father of Western medicine said not to make money in the sickroom. Remember that you do not make money in the sickroom. 

But today what happened. If you are ill you order corporate hospital.  You see you will come out with or without a disease. What without your properties America is feeling the pinch in a big way. And now English NHS where free medicine is given. Is in real trouble energy. Is almost collapsing.

So they want Eastern medicine to come into these places. That is why it is becoming very popular in the West. I just came back from Germany a week ago. Where Germans and all the East are eight Eastern European nations. They want to have Ayurvedic hospitals Lipton tea. 

So they had called this meeting to get ideas as to how to go about it. And you will be surprised in January, we have a meeting in London. And in April we have a meeting in Brussels. So all these places there now because money has become very variable. 

Now there is no limit for Western medicine quick fixes. Supposing everybody wants a heart transplant to be given to a heart patient. Where will you get the money from everybody? What is a liver transplant or liver disease thinking that the human body is a machine. Like the motorcar. Where if this carburetor is gone. 

You pay for a new carburetor. that doesn’t happen in the human body. You will be surprised to know that this one cell that I told you that you wear. When your mother’s womb that’s called the zygote, that one cell divides into 120 trillion cells. 

The beauty is it doesn’t fully divide only a partial wall comes in the cell. And one partial wall comes to be for another partial wall comes in the 8, 16, 32. And so on and so forth so much so at the end of the day. When you’re 120 trillion cells inside you. You are what is called a since CTM. 

You’re just one sheet and all cells are connected to you. Would be surprised if you take a brain cell and its genome. And a heart cell and its genome. They’re identical two cells one in the brain one in the heart might have identicals.

You know which gives me a new idea. While I am just having an idea, I have just put it as a hypothesis and published it. That if this happens. We can, we don’t have to get someone else’s organ to transplant. We can get our own organs and Transplant it to us. And those organs can grow.

Like for example, you need a small bit to the liver. for liver transplant from someone else it may be from your mother, father, husband, wife or child anybody in stir. That we probably can take a bit to the llama liver from your own part of your own body.

And then transplant it to you. This is part of the liver, I’m just saying this speculation. Because if you know it is related. These are all connected and it’s not different cells. That you are 123 m cells. The same cell which is divided. But because of what is called cosmic. You know the word morphic resonance. I don’t want to explain. 

Because it is a very complicated word. Morphic resonance gives you the blueprint of every molecule to an atom. So you know when the energy and matter interchange in the human body, they do it 1,024 times a minute. This is called the Planck’s 1024 times a second max one constant. And that means each time the energy becomes matter.

They energy knows the blueprint of the matter. And if you teach this energy to change. The blueprint to a normal body becomes its called quantum healing. if anyone ever wants to know more about quantum healing. One of the processes of quantum physics in Eugene and the United States has written a book. 

It’s called quantum doctor. If you read that it’s a very nice book. Which tells you how to cure yourself and this is the old Ayurvedic system.

How belief system works in a human body

Because our way of believing in a human body. As a closed in systems biology. Because you ingeniously understand systems biology and closed systems. Is a system where everything happens on it. Is not like a geezer, you switch it on and the water gets heated. When you don’t use it gets cooled. 

And then it gets heated when you need it. And always you have hot water. But the open system is negative, oftentimes. A bucket of cold water, he wants a hot water power bath you put a heater yourself. And when the water is hot. You remove the heater. So you require an outside intervention for every mistake in the human body. That was the original thinking of Western medicine. 

But today in Ayurveda, that is coming to the Western medicine. Also that even officially biology tells us that a human system is a closed system. which when you are born the system has got an engrained. A doctor himself which is called the immune system. 

So most of the time if not all the time, This doctor cures you, but in case the doctor fails then only symptoms come. And you have to go to the artificial doctors. Like me, but normally if you can keep your immune system good. And you will be absolutely fine without any outside intervention. 

Because it is a closed system now, very interestingly this concept is alien to Western medicine, Western medicine thinks it’s an open system for everything. I’m us interfere no. So Western system is bad. But you can’t throw it out lock stock and barrel. The water is bad so I can’t throw the baby away. 

Because for emergency quick fixes. Like I fall under the car let us say I break my bones. I can’t say I’ll take iron away. Then to yoga and run I am. And get better or the bones will hurt us, supposing I become unconscious and I am taken to the intensive care unit. I require some intensive quick fixes. But mind you this is only 2% of the Sikh population. In a given day 98% can make do with the I. 

Rather like alternate systems. There’s so many other systems it’s not just Iowa the homeopathy Ayurveda. The Unani Yunnan is a fantastic thing which started in Arab countries. And it has made a lot of progress. So all these systems are good things. 

So there should not be a monopoly for one system. What we should have is a judicious combination of all systems. Where emergency quick fixes come from modern medicine. Western medicine and all other things come from various other systems. And we have put together a system. Which is called the future medicine or what’s called a meta medicine. 

You know Aristotle wrote physics first. And then psychology next. And it's called metaphysics is psychology.

Metra is after so meta medicine is the future medicine. In the future medicine will have to be a combination. Because Western medicine alone has become prohibitively expensive. And you can’t go on with that. All that I wanted to make out is that. 

If you combine various systems of medicine and a judicious combination authenticate everything. That you shouldn’t be a quack, you must authenticate scientifically everything. That you want to incorporate into this new system. Called met medicine. I think the future is very bright for mankind on this planet.

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