5 Easy Steps to End Diabetes Permanently in your body

Are you tired of taking the Diabetes medicine?

Have you been informed that you should have it for a mind-blowing remainder? Are you suffering from a lot of other diseases because of Diabetes and also gaining a lot of weight?

If the answer is yes for even one of these questions, then please watch this video till the end. Because we’ll be sharing a plan with you that can help you reverse your Diabetes in just 21 days.

We know you might be thinking that how can Diabetes ever be reversed? After all, that’s what all we’ve been told right? Diabetes is an ever-lasting disease. Medicines increase, but the disease never leaves.

Well, this is the biggest myth of Diabetes – that reversing Diabetes is impossible. Today, thousands of people have reversed their Diabetes through a thorough knowledge to do so.

Come, let’s have a read; could you tell us how high your sugar level used to be? 350-400, and how high are your sugar levels now?

If it’s 100 before eating and 140 after eating; HBA1C dropped from 6.1 to around 5.5. So it has reversed, which is again a miracle. The mindset for general people was that Diabetes cannot be cured without a medicine. No! You can reverse it.

When asked, we got to know that for 33 years, this person was taking 4 injections a day and consuming pills of all colors. No one ever told him that diabetes is curable. So, whatever was recommended, he started following it after which everything started changing slowly.

Now, he was so happy to share that he has been able to quit all the medication. The person was suffering from Diabetes, BP, Psoriasis, Severe acidity and haemoglobin issues. However, all these problems started to disappear as everything was followed properly for 4 months and the results were shocking.

The doctor was also shocked because his fasting sugar had never come down from 160-180. And by the end of 4 months, all 6 of his problems had completely disappeared. He consumed, in a day, around 8-9 tablets. The blood sugar level had drastically come down in a matter of a month.

His fasting was 78 and post-fasting was 126. He did mention very honestly, no other lifestyle or any diet or any other concept had worked for him and done any wonders. You may be thinking whose story is this at the end? This story is yours!

Even you can kick this disease out of your body forever and come on this side of the screen instead of sitting in front of it. And share your healing story with the whole world. Think about it – if your Diabetes is cured right now.

Then you’ll never need to keep visiting doctors every week, never need to waste money on medicines again. If there’s any excess weight, it will automatically come down. Your energy levels will go up significantly. The fear sitting at the back of your mind will disappear.

Second biggest myth of Diabetes –

Diabetes is genetic. We are destined to live with it. Our parents had it, their parents had it, and how can we possibly avoid it? We would like to tell you this is absolutely false. Your genes are not the cause of your Diabetes. Our body surely has genes, but we can turn them on or off.

So what is it that turns them on or off? Your food and your lifestyle. Whatever you eat decides how the genes react in your body. Your disease doesn’t come from your genes, but from your kitchen. If the food of a child and his parents is exactly the same, then obviously they’ll suffer from the same diseases as well.

So, if genes aren’t the root cause of Diabetes, then what is it? What is the root cause of Diabetes? We want you to read this carefully – If you really want to get rid of Diabetes once and for all, then this is the only solution that can work – removing the root cause, eliminating the waste inside our body.

When we eat food that doesn’t come directly from Mother Nature such as bread, paratha, refined flour, noodles, chips, biscuits, namkeen, tea and processed stale food, it is very difficult for our body to digest and eliminate; it starts to stick on the walls of our intestines and forms a thick layer on them.

Whatever is stuck on the walls of our intestines, the intestines absorb it and spread throughout our body.  If there is waste stuck there, then obviously our intestines will absorb this waste and spread it throughout our body. Then this waste reaches our pancreas duct and interferes with its functioning.

Our pancreas fails to generate the right amount of insulin, and that’s what we call ‘Diabetes’. So when we clean this waste and start throwing these toxins out of our body, then Diabetes automatically gets reversed. Whether anyone in your family has Diabetes or not, no matter how long you have been suffering from it.

All the healing stories of the people we showed you, what did they do? They didn’t change their genes, but they were still able to reverse their Diabetes. How? By throwing this waste out of their bodies, by cleaning their bodies from the inside.

Remember – a body that is clean from the inside will never suffer from Diabetes. Say it with us – the body that is clean from the inside will never suffer from Diabetes. You might be figuring how it might be so simple? ‘We’ve spent our whole lives struggling with it, and you’re telling us that we can reverse it by simply cleaning our body?’

Yes, this science is that simple, because it is true. The truth is never complicated. It is that simple. That’s why thousands of people across the world are able to reverse their Diabetes sitting at home. And further ahead in this blog, we’ll be sharing a detailed step-by-step Diabetes reversal plan.

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So after today, never use your genes as an excuse for your disease. Instead, focus on eliminating the waste from inside the body. The third great myth of Diabetes – Diabetes is just an ordinary disease. Every other person is living with it. There’s no need to be afraid.

Do you know the day you got diagnosed with Diabetes, there has been a countdown running in your life? You may not be aware of this countdown yet. But, by the time you find out about it, your life would have already slipped out of your hands. This is a countdown to heart disease and stroke.

This is countdown to amputation, kidney failure and blindness. If we keep hosting Diabetes as a guest in our body, then it will surely steal the light from our eyes, the strength from our legs, and the peace of our mind. Do you know that almost 40,000 Diabetics are forced to amputate their limbs every year in India?

Even these 40,000 people used to believe nothing like this would happen to them. We’re not trying to scare you. We just want you to share the truth so that you can take action on time and never have to face this day. We think – “We’re having our medicines and that surely, we are safe”.

What do you think – did those 40,000 people not consume any medicines? Of course they consumed

them. Even they started with small doses of medicines, but every year, the doses would keep going up, and the disease would never decrease, because medicine can never remove the root cause of the disease.

Medicines are great at artificially controlling your sugar levels, but they can never clean the waste sitting inside your body. So, before Diabetes writes the expiry date of your life, you should write the expiry date of Diabetes from your life.

However, if you aren’t interested in reversing it and are happy managing your sugar levels, then this video isn’t meant for you. Please read it only if you are truly committed to reversing your Diabetes.

Reversal plan of Diabetes in 5 steps - Fasting, Enema, Wet pack, Sattvic food plan, and Exercise

Now we’ll proceed to our Diabetes reversal plan. It has 5 steps. One by one, we’ll discuss all the 5 steps. Remember, these steps aren’t different from the Sattvic lifestyle. By following them, Diabetes will automatically disappear from your life.

1st Step - 16 hour fasting

So, let’s move on to our first step, which is 16 hour fasting, but fasting with Diabetes? We’ve always been told that we should eat every 2 hours, eat something or the other throughout the day, because if we don’t eat, then how will we be able to maintain our sugar levels? 

This is not wrong. If you want to maintain Diabetes for your entire life, then you don’t need to do fasting. But if you want to reverse you’re Diabetic, then it can’t happen without fasting. But don’t worry at all. We’ll introduce you to a way of fasting that is extremely gradual, safe and easy for Diabetics. 

Come, let’s explore why we should do fasting in the first place. These days, we’re in the habit of eating something or the other every 2 hours, late at night, 6-7 times throughout the day. When we’re always eating, then what is our body busy doing 24 hours? It’s constantly trying to digest the food.

That’s why it never gets time to clean your body. Remember! Cleaning and digestion in your body can never go on together. Whenever your digestion mode is on, then the cleaning will stop. Whenever your digestion mode is off, whenever you fast, then the cleaning will start again.

Imagine there’s a road on which cars are running day and night. If you have to do any repair work in the middle of the road, at that point what do you need to do first? You have to stop the cars on the highway. It’s not possible for the cars to keep moving and doing the repair work simultaneously right?

It’s the same as the mechanism inside your body. If you want to do any repair work inside your body, then you have to stop the cars – the food you take in for a few hours every day. This is what we do through 16 hour fasting. If you eat dinner at 7 pm in the evening, then do not eat anything till 11 am the next day.

At 11 am, you can have the first strong feast (meal) of the day. So basically, you will be fasting for 16 hours in a day and eating within an 8 hour window. Well, before 11 am, you can consume liquids. Liquids can include water or vegetable juices, but not fruit juices, tea, coffee or milk.

For Diabetes reversal, the best thing to have in the morning is ash gourd juice with Bael Patra. Ash gourd looks something like this. It looks green from the outside and looks white inside. It’s very important to remove the peel and the seeds. Otherwise, your ash gourd juice will taste bitter.

After removing them, cut your ash gourd into pieces and juice them. If you don’t have a juicer, then you can use a blender and sieve the juice. While blending or juicing them, you can add a few Bael Patra leaves and drink it sip by sip in the morning. Bael Patra is what we also offer Lord Shiva.

It is highly beneficial for those suffering from Diabetes. Ash gourd can be found at any of your local vegetable vendor stalls. If you can’t find it, don’t worry. You can also consume the juice from any fresh vegetables, such as bottle gourd juice or cucumber juice.

If you have Bael Patra with you, then you can mix it in the juice. So this is your morning detox juice. Now let’s come back to 16 hour fasting. Which 16 hours do you want to fast? That is up to you. But the earlier you have your dinner, the more earlier you are healing.

We suggest that you have your dinner by 6 pm in the evening and break your fast at 10 am next morning. If not 6, then eat at 6:30 pm, no problem. There is one important thing to. Understand that your digestive fire is strongly connected to the sun. As the sun goes down, your digestive fire also decreases in power.

So the earlier you eat, the better your digestive fire will be. We know, a lot of you reach home late at night, or that dinner is never prepared early at your home. That you have to decide for yourself; if you really want to, then you can surely change this.

If you don’t take control of your life, then who will? Instead of complaining, we should focus our energy on changing our lives. Now, let’s understand how you can benefit from 16 hour fasting. If your dinner is light, then it will digest within 6 hours.

And for the next 10 hours, your body can do its cleaning work, which will be the body’s cleaning hours. In this time, all the waste sitting inside your pancreas is removed. Your pancreas is regenerated. If there’s any waste or disease sitting inside the body, it is taken out.

If you have excess weight, then you will lose that. Fasting is more powerful than any medicine in the world. These days there are so many scientific studies being published related to it. We recognize this as intermittent fasting, circadian rhythm, and body clock management.

But, the truth is that what seems to be new today has already been conveyed by our Vedas thousands of years ago. This is exactly how our ancestors lived. Every scripture teaches us this – ‘Fasting is the best medicine.’

Presently, you might be thinking – “If I start fasting then my sugar levels will drop, I’ll start feeling dizzy, and my energy levels will drop. If that indeed happens, then keep a small piece of jaggery with you. And whenever you feel a drop in your sugar levels while fasting, eat a small spoon of this jaggery.

Within 2 weeks, as your body repairs itself and your medication stops, this problem won’t bother you anymore. And fasting will become a lot easier for you. It takes a little while to adjust to fasting in the beginning, but soon, all problems fade away and you truly start enjoying it.

2nd Step - Enema

Come, let’s move on. The second step that you require to follow is enema. Do you know where your Diabetes originates? That is in your intestines. The first place where the waste starts accumulating are your intestines, and then, it spreads to your pancreas.

If you are suffering from Diabetes today, it means that there’s waste accumulated inside. Where does this waste come from? As we understood before, by eating food that sticks to our intestines, also, when we overeat, even that creates waste that sticks to our intestines.

The medicines that we keep taking, even they have been accumulating inside our intestines for years. So, we have to find a way to melt the hard coating on our intestines. How? By taking an enema. Enema is a process that you can take by yourself. You don’t need anyone’s help to do it.

First, wash the kit with water and fill the enema pot with 300-500 ml clean water. The best place to do it is in the bathroom. Apply some oil on the tip of the pipe and keep the enema pot at a height above your waist level. You can place a mat on the floor and then kneel down and insert the pipe just 2 inches inside your rectum.

Hold onto the pipe with one hand so the water doesn’t pour out outside. Soon the enema pot will be emptied and fill your intestines with water, then remove the pipe and try to hold the water inside as long as you comfortably can, for around 5-7 minutes. You can walk around a little while massaging your stomach.

Now, the water inside your intestines will start pulling out the toxins stuck inside to remove them from your system. When you finally feel the urge to relieve yourself, then go to the bathroom. What’s more, you will be astounded to perceive how much waste, how many toxins were stuck inside your body.

It takes only 10 minutes to do this process. Maybe some of you are thinking – “It must be so painful!”. But that’s not true at all. There’s no question of pain at all. It is absolutely safe. What’s unsafe is to keep walking around with these toxins sitting inside us. Maybe you may find it difficult in the beginning.

But trust us – just try it once. Don’t think too much! How will I do it? What’s going to happen? Just try it once. You will find it absolutely normal. Some people ask us – Can I mix something in my enema? Can I mix coffee? Can I mix soap? Not at all. You just need plain water. When should you take an enema?

In the morning, right after your natural bowel movement. If you don’t get a natural motion easily, then you should definitely take an enema. How long should you continue taking an enema for? This is a very important point. After starting your Diabetes reversal plan, you should take it for 3 weeks every day in the morning.

After 3 weeks, you don’t need to take it every day, instead just once a week or whenever you need it. Don’t worry! You won’t become dependent on it. Many of you are probably wondering – is it okay if I skip taking an enema?

If I don’t do this and follow all other processes, will it still work? Well, if you really want to reverse Diabetes, then don’t skip anything. Without enema, your healing will be incomplete.

3rd Step – Wet pack

Come, let’s move onto our third step, and that is – wet pack. What is a wet pack? And what do we have to do? Take a white cotton cloth and fold it lengthwise till it is about 10 inches wide.

Then dip it in cold water and squeeze the water out. The water should just be as cold as possible easily bear. Wrap the wet cloth around your stomach and then tuck it so that it does not fall off. Your navel should fall in between this cloth. So, this wet pack directly covers your pancreas.

Now fold another small wet cloth about 2 inches wide and wrap it around your neck. Take another small wet cloth and wrap it around your forehead. Apply this wet pack for about 30-40 minutes. You can apply it at any time of the day. Just ensure that while it is on, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything at all.

When you start following your Diabetes reversal plan, you should use it twice a day for at least 3 months, once in the morning and once in the evening. You can wear your normal clothes on top of the wet pack and continue doing your daily activities.

After 3 months, you can stop applying it every day and only do it when it’s necessary. You don’t need to do the wet pack process during winter. You can stop using it for that period, but follow all the other steps. And don’t forget to always apply all 3 cloths together.

The two biggest benefits of wet packs are first, by applying a wet pack, you are creating two different temperatures in the body. The place where you have applied the wet pack becomes colder than the rest of the body because of which, the blood circulation in your body increases.

When blood circulation increases, the toxins that have accumulated in your organs start to leave their place. Second big benefit is that by applying a wet pack, the efficiency of functioning of your pancreas increases.

Earlier, it could never generate enough insulin for your body, but now it will slowly start producing it. It looks quite ordinary when you see it. You may be thinking – “How will this help cure my Diabetes?” truly, this wet pack is magical.

4th Step - Sattvic food plan

Now let’s come to the fourth step of our Diabetes reversal plan – that is Sattvic food plan. But before that, it’s important to understand some food principles.

To reverse Diabetes, your food must have 4 qualities. They are LWPW where L means living food. Eat food that has life in it, such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, grains. Dead food that is packaged, bottled and boxed is really difficult to digest for the pancreas It puts a lot of stress on our pancreas and weakens it.

W means wholesome. Eat food in the structure of Mother Nature offers to us. White rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, refined flour Sooji, these are all refined foods.

Look at this. White rice has been stripped of its covering. It has no fibre and if there is no fibre, then our body will absorb sugar a lot faster leading to an increase in diabetes. Instead, eat brown rice and wheat with the bran.

P means plant-based. We should avoid all food that comes from animals – meat, fish, eggs, milk or many milk products. Eat that which comes directly from plants. Digesting milk products is very difficult and becomes a problem when you’re trying to reverse your Diabetes.

W means water-rich. That means we should eat food that is juicy as much as possible, food that is water-rich. Try juicing a cucumber and see how much squeeze you can get from it. Do you think you can ever get any juice by juicing a bread? No! Because it has no juice at all.

So your food should have all these 4 qualities. Now let’s move onto our food plan. We suggest 4 main meals in a day, viz. Morning detox juice, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can drink the morning detox juice sometime after waking up in the morning.

We suggest having ash gourd juice with Bael Patra (We already spoke about it earlier). Just remember that you don’t have to take sweet fruit juices. In fact, in the first 3 months, when you’re starting your Diabetes reversal plan, it is better to avoid consuming a lot of coconut water too.

It is okay if you consume it once a week. Later, once your sugar levels have returned to normal, then you can drink coconut water more often. Those of you who stay outside India can also consume celery juice. It is important to remember one thing.

Don’t eat anything for 2 hours after drinking your morning detox juice so that it can cleanse your system properly. If you eat something, the cleansing will stop. Around 10 am, for breakfast, you can eat a plate full of seasonal fruits.

Now there arises an important question. Which fruits can we eat for Diabetes? Remember we should not eat any fruits that are too sweet. So, in the first 3 months, mango, chikoo, banana, grapes should be avoided. If you eat them, then your sugar levels will rise.

You should eat those fruits that are less sweet, such as papaya, apple, pear, berry, cherry, strawberry, sweet potato, guava. It’s not like you will never be able to have mango, banana or chikoo, but you just need to avoid them in the first months of your Diabetes reversal plan.

The best practice is to eat one fruit at a time. But if you don’t feel satisfied, you can also eat 2-3 fruits at once. No problem. You should eat fruits that are available in your country and seasonal. Seasonal fruits are always cheaper too. Then for lunch, you can have salad or soup.

How should you prepare the salad? It’s very simple. Your salad should have 5 ingredients. Out of them, 3 of these ingredients are fixed that should not be changed – coriander, tomato and coconut kernel. For the other 2 ingredients, you can use any other seasonal vegetables and keep switching them, such as cauliflower and capsicum, carrot and beetroot, or cucumber and carrot, whatever is easily available for you.

Mix these 5 ingredients together and your salad is ready! For a little change, you can also add a few soaked nuts, sprouted lentils, or some vegetable sprouts. This salad is really tasty, but we should avoid adding any lemon, salt, pepper or chilli to it.

When it gets too cold in the winter, then maybe having a salad becomes a little challenging. During that period, you can have soup or steamed vegetables for lunch instead. When you start having salad or soup for lunch instead of grains, then you’ll start experiencing a lot of lightness in the body and start observing how much weight you are losing.

You will also get your blood sugar readings under control without any medicines and you’ll never want to go back to your old ways. Yes, if you are used to eating fried, spicy food, then it may be a little challenging to adapt to in the beginning. But soon, it will become a habit. Then, have dinner early in the evening.

What should you have for dinner? Any single grain – roti or rice – with a lot of vegetables. We suggest a special kind of chapati. Instead of being made entirely with wheat, it consists of 50% wheat and 50% vegetables. You can make chapatis using any vegetables – bottle gourd chapati, beetroot chapati, spinach chapati, cucumber chapati, carrot chapati.

Chapatis are accompanied by sabzi. And the sabzi that we recommend is also one of a kind. Instead of using oil, we add grated coconut to it. And instead of spices, we add fresh herbs to prepare these chapatis and Organic sabzi. If you wish, you can also shift your soup/salad meal to the evening and have your grain meal in the afternoon.

That means you should always eat more vegetables and less grains. Another important thing – eat only one grain per meal. You shouldn’t mix 2-3 grains in one meal. Instead of eating dal-roti, eat sabzi-roti. Instead of eating dal-rice, eat sabzirice.

Multigrain atta is absolutely useless. It’s not something Mother Nature gave us. Lentils like Rajma, Chole and Chana should definitely be avoided, at least until you have fully cured yourself.

5th Step – Exercise

Come, now it’s time to move onto our last and final step – and that is outdoor exercise. Exercise is essential for reversing Diabetes.

When we’re sitting in one place throughout the day without moving, then the activity of our pancreas starts slowing down and the pancreas starts rotting. When you exercise, your pancreas twists and turns, it is squeezed. In a way, it gets some exercise too. Slowly, it starts generating insulin again.

You can do whatever you like – brisk walking, jogging, cycling, dancing – just follow these 2 conditions. Do it for at least half an hour every day. And you should sweat after working out. It shouldn’t be like taking a slow walk around the park and calling it exercise. Two more things – you should exercise outdoors in sunlight and while exercising, take deep breaths through your nose.

Doing this, you will experience the benefits of sunbathing and pranayama automatically. If you’re wearing thick polyester or nylon clothes while exercising, then you won’t get the benefits of sunbathing or the fresh air. So you should wear thin cotton clothes when you exercise.

So this completes the 5 steps of our Diabetes reversal plan – fasting, enema, wet pack, sattvic food plan, and exercise. As soon as you start following all these 5 steps together, your reversal process will start and the results will be visible on your machine. Now we know that you might have a lot of questions on your mind.

Come, let’s answer all your questions 1st question – How long will it take to reverse my Diabetes?

We’ll tell you from our own experience that it takes around 21 days for your sugar readings to normalize. But to remove the root of the problem, it takes almost 3 months. It’s possible that some of you may take less time, and some of you may take more time. It depends on how long you have been suffering from the disease.

Don’t worry about it. One very important thing – when you start walking this path, it’s possible that you may experience cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea or cough. If this happens, then understand that the path you have chosen is working. These are all known as detox symptoms. They are simply ways to take out the waste from your system.

So don’t be afraid when they come. You should rather celebrate them. Also, don’t take medicines to suppress these toxins. What should you do when this happens? Do a full fast for 1-2 days. Take liquids all day and don’t have any solid foods. You should definitely use a wet pack and enema during this time so that the body can be cleansed faster.

2nd question – Do I need to follow all 5 steps? Is it okay to follow just 2-3 steps to reverse it?

If you follow just 1, 2 or 3 steps out of these 5 steps, you will surely get some benefits, but full reversal won’t be possible. If you want to fully reverse your Diabetes, then you should follow all 5 steps together. Trust us, it’s not too difficult.

3rd question – When I’m travelling, how will I be able to follow this plan?

When you go outside or travel, then it’s possible you may not be able to follow the routine 100% and that’s okay. You can still follow at least 70% of the routine for that time. 16 hour fasting is something that you can do in any corner of the world.

Enema is something you only need to do in the first 3 weeks of starting the plan. After that, you should take it only when you need it. If you’re traveling, then you can take the enema pot with you. Wet pack is also something you need to apply everyday only in the first 3 weeks and you can easily travel with it.

Now comes the matter of following your food plan. Even if you end up traveling 2-3 days a month, then just follow this one principle – one grain meal a day. You can eat whatever you get for that meal. The rest of the day, you can consume fruits, vegetables and juices. For exercising, you’ll have to find a way to do it. If you can’t do it in sunlight, then don’t worry. You can at least do it in your room.

4th question – How should we give up our medicines and insulin?

Once you start following this lifestyle, your sugar levels will go back to normal soon and there won’t be any need to take medicines after that because the work that these medicines were doing artificially was accomplished naturally by your foods and lifestyle.

So, as your sugar levels keep going down, you can start lowering the doses of your medicines and insulin. Don’t give them up all of a sudden. We recommend you to consult with your medical doctor before adjusting your dosage. But, we can say that if you follow this plan religiously, then you can definitely lead a medicine-free and disease-free life.

As soon as you close this Blog, you have two paths ahead of you either let your body break down, allow the disease to keep spreading and wait for bigger diseases, or firmly decide that I will definitely get rid of my Diabetes.

Take action today! Please share this Blog with all the relevant people around you and let’s help everyone reverse this problem. And if you liked this Blog, then please subscribe to it and support us so that we can keep sharing this knowledge of Mother Nature with you all.


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