Revers Sinus Only in 21 Days

Are you tired of having a blocked nose? Has it become difficult for you just to breathe? Has deep sleep become a distant dream? Does every morning begin with a sore throat and headache?

If Sinusitis has taken over your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Even my life was just like this. I spent the first 20 years of my life fighting this disease. Whatever you can imagine, I tried be it antibiotics, antihistamines, homeopathy, nasal sprays with steroids, inhalers.

Despite going to the best hospitals, visiting the top ENTs in the world, my sinus problem just kept getting worse. I had accepted that I have to live with a blocked nose for the rest of my life. But then, I came to a turning point in my life, after which, everything changed.

Now, for the last 10 years, I didn’t had a single medicine. I have not used a single spray or inhaler. I don’t even remember how a blocked nose feels like anymore. So what was this turning point that allowed me to reverse my sinusitis forever?

I don’t want to keep this knowledge limited to myself. It is my responsibility to share this with you, so that you too can benefit from it and say goodbye to your sinusitis once and for all.

In the first part of this blog, we will share the 3 biggest mistakes of treating sinusitis. And in the second part of this blog, we will share a 5- step Sinusitis Reversal plan that has helped not just me, but thousands of people.

Our first biggest mistake – Not understanding the root cause of Sinusitis.

Have you ever wondered why you are suffering from sinusitis? We’re always blaming the environment for it. You think that it is caused because of the weather outside, cold food, dust, pollen, pollution or sometimes through allergies.

If you want to cure Sinusitis, then you have to understand that the root cause is not outside you, but is sitting inside you. The root cause of sinusitis is the mucus accumulated inside – the waste stuck inside.

If you repeatedly keep sneezing, experiencing a blocked nose all the time, can’t breathe properly, and always have pain in your face, it means that your respiratory tract and cavities in your chest are full of mucus, full of waste.

But you may be thinking – “Where did this mucus come from?” This mucus comes from wrong food. Majority of the food we eat today is food that can’t be easily removed from our body, and instead, accumulates as waste inside.

Then this waste converts into mucus and starts clogging our chest cavities, our respiratory tract, and eventually reaches our throat and nose. Because of this accumulated mucus, neither we can breathe properly, nor smell properly.

Please understand – The root cause of your sinusitis is not in your nose, but in your stomach. If you clean this up, then THIS will automatically be cleaned.

Our second biggest mistake – suppressing Sinusitis with medication.

I have tried every medication out there for treating my sinusitis. However, I have always observed that even though the medicine could control my problem but it was for a short time and the problem would come back again. And whenever it came back, it came back in a much worse form.

Then I understood what actually the medicines do inside our body, they only suppress the mucus that is trying to escape from our nose and our throat. So our running nose may stop as soon as we pop a pill, because that is what medicines are meant for – to suppress the mucus, to push it back inside.

We keep taking medicines and the waste keeps accumulating inside, rotting inside, and the problems keep increasing inside. Think for yourself. If medicines were really the cure for your sinusitis, then they would’ve cured your sinus the first time itself.

You’ve visited so many sinus doctors till now, but still not been able to reverse the problem, because medicines don’t cure, they suppress. Maybe some of you may ask – “What about natural remedies?” Drinking hot water, taking steam, drinking different kinds of tonics, turmeric milk, gargling, neti pots?

Please understand that they are not wrong, but they don’t remove the root cause. They may give us temporary relief, but they don’t eliminate the root cause. So what should we do if we don’t take medicines?

That’s exactly why we’ve made this video for you. In the second part of this video, we’ll share 5 steps with you which you must follow to see a drastic change in just 21 days. But before proceeding to our solution, let’s understand our final mistake.

Our third biggest mistake – accepting that sinus is a lifelong condition.

We accept that a life with medicines and a running nose is normal. Running to the doctor with every change of season is normal. Being unable to smell and taste anything is normal.

Waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night is normal. Being unable to breathe properly is normal. But you know what; this is not normal. None of these things are normal, because Mother Nature has not meant any of us to live with this problem.

If you are suffering from Sinus problems today, it means that your body is full of waste, full of mucus. Today, this mucus has made its home in your nose and your throat. Tomorrow, it may reach your ears, eyes, and brain, and infect them too.

But before that happens, you must remove this waste from your body and eliminate Sinusitis once and for all. Please do not accept that you have to live with this disease for the rest of your life. Sinusitis is completely reversible.

Now we’ll proceed to the second part of this video in which we’ll share 5 steps that you must follow. Just follow them for 21 days and see by yourself. You will definitely realize that how powerful these simple laws – 5 steps of Mother Nature are.

Within few days of following it, the accumulated mucus inside will start flowing out. As your body cleanses itself, you will notice that you will get freedom from your medicines, sprays, and freedom from carrying tissue papers everywhere.

You will be able to meet people freely, confidently, peaceful night’s sleep will be reality and breathe freely again. You won’t have to think 10 times before going to a cold place for a vacation. Also you won’t get affected by fan speeds or air conditioning anymore.

Come let’s move to the first step – 16 hour fasting

When we keep eating every 2 hours without giving our stomach a break, then our body turns into a mucus manufacturing machine. Do you know what the biggest master cleaner is for eliminating this mucus? It is 16 hour fasting!

Basically, this way of fasting is very easy to follow in our modern lifestyle. How should we do 16 hour fasting? Simply, if you have dinner at 7 pm, then have your next solid meal only at 11 am the next day. If you have dinner at 6 pm, then have it at 10 am the next day.

Basically, you must give a 16 hour break to your body every day. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Because you will be sleeping through majority of these 16 hours.

Why should you do 16 hour fasting?

Because your body can do only one thing properly at a time – either digest your food or clean the mucus inside. When we keep eating the whole day, then your body gets busy with digestion 24 hours a day. It doesn’t get any time to clean.

When you give a 16 hour break to your body every day, then your body is duly able to complete digestion and start cleaning. By fasting for 16 hours every day, the mucus that has been stuck inside for years starts melting and leaves its place.

Try it yourself. You will experience this for yourself! Imagine there’s a road which has cars running day and night. If you have to do any repair work in the middle of the road, then what do you have to do first? You have to stop the cars. It’s not possible to do repair work while the cars are running.

Likewise same happens inside your body. If you want to do deep cleaning inside your body, then you have to stop the cars – you have to stop the food for a few hours every day. Fasting is one of the most powerful medicines offered by Mother Nature. Now you know that you have to fast for 16 hours every day. But what should you eat for the remaining 8 hours? That is also very important.

Let’s move on to our second step – Sattvic Diet plan.

There are 2 kind of foods – mucus creating food, and mucus clearing food. The first category of mucus creating food is dead food, food that has lost its life energy which means food which is packaged, bottled, boxed, tinned, and canned.

These foods stick to our insides like glue and rot inside, leading to the creation of mucus. On the other hand, we have living food, which means food that has life such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and grains, this is food which we get directly from Mother Nature.

Living foods pull out the mucus sticking inside. The 2nd category of mucus creating food is refined food, such as white rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, oil and products made with oil, refined flour.

All these foods stick to our intestines too and produce a lot of mucus. Instead, we must eat wholesome food, such as brown rice, wheat with bran, dates or jaggery. Now it may be difficult for you to accept what we are about to share. The 3rd category of mucus creating food is animal-based foods, such as non-veg, milk and milk products. These foods create a lot of mucus inside your body as well. The same mucus that has become a pain in the nose for you.

Instead of this, you must eat plant-based foods, which come directly from Mother Nature. The final category of mucus creating food is water-poor food, which means food that has no juice, such as lots of grains, pulses, rajma, chickpeas, and dry fruits.

Instead, have water-rich foods – foods that have a lot of water in them, such as fruits and vegetables. Water-rich foods help to dissolve this sticky mucus. The fibre inside water rich foods work like a natural scrubber to pull the mucus out from your body.

So in summary, you must avoid all these foods for at least 3 weeks, and you will see the magic yourself. These are meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products, white sugar, white flour which includes refined flour, oil and foods made with oil, any foods that are bottled, tinned or canned.

Now you might be thinking – “Oh! Then what can we eat?” In the morning, start your day with fresh vegetable juice. The best is ash gourd juice or coconut water, or any fresh vegetable juice. You can take this juice approximately 14 hours after your previous day’s dinner.

About 2 hours after your detox juice, have your breakfast. For breakfast, you can have a plate brimming with your #1 favorite fruit. If you eat one fruit at a time, you will get the maximum benefit. For lunch, you can have your grain meal, but remember – have less grain and more vegetables.

If you eat one roti, then you should eat 2 bowls of vegetables. If you eat two roti, then you should eat 4 bowls of vegetables. And yes, you should only consume Sattvic sabzi and Sattvic roti. For dinner, you can have soup or salad. If you want, you can also switch your lunch and dinner.

We have explained this plan in a detailed manner in this Blog – one diet to cure every disease.

Now, you would be thinking – this is so different from what I’ve been doing so far. Yes, of course it’s different. If you keep doing the things you have always been doing, then how will you reverse your sinus problems? But don’t worry. Very soon, you will start enjoying this routine.

Come, let’s move on to the third important step of our plan that is Sunbathing.

What should you do? Simply expose your entire body to the sunlight. You must sunbathe only during the morning or evening hours, not during the harsh afternoon sun. You can sunbathe within 2 hours after sunrise. How long should you do it for? Approximately 30 minutes.

For 15 minutes, expose the front part of your body to sunlight. And for the next 15 minutes, expose the back part of your body to sunlight. What should you wear? Minimal clothing. If possible, don’t wear any clothes at all.

This morning sunlight is a healing medicine for you. When it falls on your throat, nose and chest, it starts melting away the mucus inside. You may even experience sneezing while sunbathing. If this happens you should understand that the mucus stuck inside is making its way out from your body.

Remember – you need the light of the sun, not the heat of the sun. Our fourth step is enema. This is a very powerful detox tool to clean the intestines. If you don’t clean this up, then you can’t clean mucus. Enema pots looks something like this.

This is a technique that involves holding water in your intestines for at least 5-7 minutes. Slowly, this water starts pulling out all the old waste stuck inside. Then when you finally go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, you can see all this waste coming out of your body.

Many people report that sometimes they even see mucus coming out with their stool. This is the same mucus that has been accumulating inside your body for years, which later becomes the problem of sinusitis.

Don’t worry. Enema is absolutely safe and pain-free. You can do it comfortably at your home in just 10 minutes. Remember, you only have to take enema for the first 21 days. After that, you should do it only once a week or when you need it.

Come, let’s move on to our final step, and that is wet pack.

Basically, you need to take a cotton cloth, dip it in cold water and wrap it around your abdomen, neck and forehead. You need to wear it for approximately one hour. You can do your daily activities while wearing it.

What happens when you apply a wet pack? By applying it, you are creating two different temperatures in your body. The parts on which you have applied the wet pack become cold, while the rest of the body is warm.

When you maintain two different temperatures at one time, the blood circulation in your body increases. Along with our blood, your mucus also starts circulating and gets ready to be eliminated from your body. You should definitely use it whenever you get a headache. You will get instant relief.

How long should you use a wet pack?

You should apply it every day for the first 3 months of starting this plan – once in the morning and once in the evening. After 3 months, you don’t need to apply it every day. Apply it only when you need it. This is a simple cotton cloth that you can find anywhere.

You can even get it stitched. If it’s too cold outside, then you can skip this step and simply follow the other steps. So this completes our 5 steps. Now, a very important point – when you start following these 5 steps, then it’s possible that you experience a runny nose in the beginning.

You may think – “Oh I’m following all 5 steps, but my condition seems to be worsening!” You must understand – your condition is not worsening. Rather, it is improving. Through these detox symptoms, your body is removing the waste stuck inside, cleaning your body.

When you face these detox symptoms, don’t take medicine to suppress them, but do full fasting for that period. For 2-3 days, just have coconut water, ash gourd juice and green juices. And along with that, increase the frequency of wet pack, enema and sunbathing.

You will see that when you treat these detox symptoms naturally, this problem will disappear in 2-3 days. And your body will come out much cleaner than before. Come, now we’ll share 2 bonus tips with you so that you can experience even faster relief.

The first bonus tip is a hot water footbath. If you don’t get peaceful sleep at night, then this will give you a lot of relief. Fill a bucket full of hot water and before sleeping, soak both your feet in this water. You should only heat the water to the point you can comfortably bear it.

By doing this, your blood circulation increases and opens up the blocked channels in your nose, throat and chest. You will be able to breathe freely at night and sleep much better.

Remember one thing – if you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart problem, kidney problem, or liver disorder, then you must avoid taking hot water foot baths. Instead, you can take two hot water bottles, cover them with a cloth and keep them next to your feet for 10-20 minutes.

You will be able to get the same benefits through this. Come, let’s move on to our second bonus tip – and that is brisk walking. Brisk walking in open air allows fresh air to reach the deepest parts of your respiratory tract. Slowly, the temperature inside your body starts increasing.

And because of this rising temperature inside, the mucus starts melting and comes out of your body. It is best to do brisk walking in the morning sunlight wearing thin, cotton clothes. By doing this, you’ll get the benefit of the sun as well. If you are capable, then you can do some jogging too.

Now, we’ve given you so many steps and methods. Maybe some of you are thinking – “How will I manage to do so many things?” Trust us, it’s not that difficult! If you really want to, you can easily adapt this entire routine within 2-3 days. And when you observe the changes in your body, then you’ll never want to go back.

So take action! Today, right now!

Now maybe some of you still have some questions in your mind. How long will it take to reverse my sinusitis? That depends on how much mucus has accumulated inside. But when you start following all 5 steps religiously, you will be able to see drastic improvements within 21 days!

Next question – how long do I have to follow this lifestyle? Look – let’s understand each step one by one. 16 hour fasting is something we should follow for our entire life. Enema – You only need to take for the first 21 days of the plan.

After that, use it whenever necessary, or once a week. Wet packs must be used for the first 3 months of starting the plan. After that, use it whenever necessary. The Sattvic Food plan should be followed religiously for the first 3 months.

After 3 months, you will come from the healing stage to the maintenance stage, which can be a bit more lenient. But do remember the 4 principles, right! You must stick to them for your entire life. And the last is sunbathing. We should do this every day for 20-30 minutes too, because Mother Nature has not designed our bodies to live without the sun.

Do we need to stop taking all medication during this 21 day plan?

When you start following the Satvic lifestyle, you’ll see for yourself how the need for medicine will automatically start disappearing. You won’t need them anymore. As your health improves, slowly and gradually, you can start reducing your medicines.

And finally, our goal is to live a medicine-free life, and that can happen very soon because fasting, water, sunlight and air have now become your new medicine. Try it for yourself! After watching this video, please watch these two videos so that you can get more clarity about all the steps.

In order to stay updated with our upcoming Blogs, do subscribe to our Blogs. And please share this Blog with everyone you know who’s suffering from this problem, so that they too can benefit from this knowledge of Mother Nature.


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